About Twavel

What is Twavel?

Twavel is a constantly refreshing list of the Top 20 Twitter-exclusive travel deals. Twavellers use the list to find great travel deals. If you have a fantastic deal you want to share, become a Twavel Agent and get posting.

How does it work?

Twavel Agents (anyone with a great travel deal) post their best and latest travel deals to our Twavel Top 20. These deals are exclusive to Twitter. Twavellers can see the Top 20 deals and vote on their favourites. If Twavel Agents have a great deal, it'll rise to the top. Otherwise it'll disappear from the list. The better the deal, the longer it stays in the Top 20 and the more Twavellers who know about it!

How do I get my Twavel Deals included?

Glad you asked. Begin by registering a new account with us. Once you're approved, it's up to you to post and manage your deals. Also check out our FAQ section.

Is Twavel associated with Twitter?

We're not associated with, supported by or in a business relationship with Twitter. Like many sites, we use their public API which may be a bit buggy at times but typically works just fine. If you’re not already a Twitterer, it’s simple to sign up for an account. It may just change your life.