Twavel Agent Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that's not answered below, don't hesitate in talking to Twavel.

If you are looking for questions and answers related to Twavel and how to use it, check the FAQ for twavellers.

What is Twavel?

Twavel is a constantly refreshing list of the Top 20 Twitter-exclusive travel deals. Twavellers use the list to find great travel deals. If you have a fantastic deal you want to share, become a Twavel Agent and get posting.

How does it work?

Twavel Agents (anyone with a great travel deal) post their best and latest travel deals to our Twavel Top 20. These deals are exclusive to Twitter. Twavellers can see the Top 20 deals and vote on their favourites. If Twavel Agents have a great deal, it'll rise to the top. Otherwise it'll disappear from the list. The better the deal, the longer it stays in the Top 20 and the more Twavellers who know about it.

How do I get my Twavel Deals included?

Glad you asked. Begin by registering a new account with us. Once you're approved, it's up to you to post and manage your deals.

What does "Registered" mean?

"Registered" means you've created an account with us. After registering, straight away you can create your first Twavel deal. But your deal will not show up in the Top 20 until we have "Approved" you.

What does "Approved" mean?

"Approved" means we've taken a look at your account and given you "approved" status. (We do this to prevent spammers from posting fake deals.) After being approved, you can post your twavel deals how you like, when you like.

When will my deal show up in the Twavel Top 20?

If you just posted your first deal and you're not yet "approved," it may take up to a day for your deal to appear. If you're already approved, your deal should show up in the Top 20 in as little as an hour. We'll tweet you when it does.

Where will my twavel deal appear in the Twavel Top 20?

Newly posted twavel deals will appear in a randomly selected position in the Top 20 list. From here, it's up to the Twavellers to vote. If they love your deal and give it a “thumbs up," your deal will move up the list. If they don't, your deal will move down until eventually it disappears.

Does this cost anything?

Nope! Twavel is a brand new site and for now, posting your best twavel deals with us is completely free. We'll keep you posted if this changes.

As a Twavel Agent, what sort of deals should I post?

Glad you asked. The deals can be anything travel related- hotel, airfare, tour, cruise, car rental, so on. They can be last minute deals or not. All we ask is that they're exclusive to Twitter.

Where's my deal? I posted a new deal but can't see it in the Top 20.

If you're newly registered, we have to approve you first before your deal will automatically start showing up in our Top 20. If you're already approved, it could be that you posted your deal to appear in a zone different than where you live. For example, if you live in the United States but chose to post your deal for European Twavellers, then your deal may not appear in the North American Top 20. To see the European Top 20 and your deal, log in to Twavel, go to the Top 20 page and select Europe from the drop-down menu.

What makes a good twavel deal?

Good twavel deals will not only stay in the Top 20 but will quickly rise to the top. The best deals are last or late-minute ones that are exclusively offered to Twitter users at amazing prices. Try including phrases like "Twitter-exclusive," "just for tweeps," or "special prices for Twitter users." And be sure to include a URL or phone # in your posting so interested Twavellers can contact you.

Why are there different Top 20 lists?

We want twavel deals to be relevant. Depending on where you live, you will see a Top 20 list with deals near you. Currently we have 5 lists- North America, UK/Ireland, Continental Europe, Oceania, Rest of World.

Why does only 1 of my deals appear in the Top 20 at a time?

We want a variety of excellent travel deals from a variety of Twavel Agents. If you want, you are welcome to create more than 1 deal at a time- we'll add your deals to the Top 20 in the order you created them.